VW and Henning Larson create a new masterplan for Wolfsburg

Volkswagen are on a huge electric push, redefining the way we think about personal transport. At times it seems as though they are keen to engineer themselves out of business with ever increasing automation and distanced engagement. 

VW and Henning Larson Wolfsgurg masterplan render of the exterior

There are quite a few of these masterplan cities of the future propping up right now, unfortunately they are all too often aimed at generating media interest with pie in the sky attempts at an idealistic living environment. The worst are the reactionary masterplans “responding to a post Covid world”.   

VW and Henning Larson Wolfsgurg masterplan render of the exterior

It’s healthy to see then, that the masterplan now in place at Wolfsburg, Germany and the home of Volkswagen considers the multitude of ways in which we transverse a city or landscape. It doesn’t abolish the automobile, but also doesn’t make it the primary means of transportation instead offering alternative means to move about the city via the mobility hub known as the Campo offering mobility bus, taxi, city bicycles, and walking paths from its central location.

VW and Henning Larson Wolfsgurg masterplan render of a forecourt interior

Volkswagen is an important organisation in the city and key to its thriving economy, so it was no surprise the planning and consultation involved the automotive giant as well as SIGNA, Stadt Wolfsburg, and Wolfsburg AG and with creative consultants Gehl, Arup and Wordsearch.

Phase 1 for the plan is to be realised by 2023.

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