This Tamiya RC Toyota GR Yaris will keep fans occupied

One of the hottest cars for sale right now has to be the Toyota GR Yaris. The little pocket rocket is much anticipated for a number of reasons. It has a true link to motorsport, has fantastic performance, and is within reach of the average Joe.

Tamiya have already released an RC version of the GR Yaris, so if you’re a bit sad about missing out on the early build allotments, or just want an RC version of your own car, then now you can make it happen.

However unlike the full scale real life version, the Tamiya GR Yaris sports a front wheel drive chassis. The easy-assembly semi-monocoque resin frame on a 239mm L wheelbase (the rear section can be re-configured for three different wheelbases) supports the gearbox, motor, battery pack, receiver, servo and ESC—all positioned as low as possible. 

Other features include 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension, 3-piece steering linkage, and black 11-spoke wheels with tires carved with realistic tread patterns. 

Of course, Tamiya already have the WRC version of the Yaris, so why not have both?

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