This Schnitzer Motorsport DTM inspired BMW E30 M3 is track ready

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There are a few universally admired cars in automotive history, one of them being the BMW E30 M3. The first M3 and the car which set the template for every M-car that followed despite the philosophy morphing into big powered brutes defining what is essentially a German muscle car. 

Boxed arches and sweet handling, the E30 lacked power you’d expect from such a performance car even back in 1987, and even after the release of the EVO 2 models. 

It doesn’t matter though. Not when the inspiration comes from the Group A era where the E30 fought Mercedes Benz 180 Evolutions in Europe, and R32 GT-Rs in Australia.

And it doesn’t come much better than a BMW Schnitzer Motorsport liveried example like this one on Collecting Cars up for auction. Those blue stripes against the white, the BBS wheels, the small size, the race focused interior—it just screams fun!

If you have dreams of taking an E30 M3 to the track, this would be a fine place to start. 

Head over to Collecting Cars for more details.

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