This Lotus video shows us the Evija 2000PS hypercar

Lotus Director of Vehicle Attributes, Gavan Kershaw takes us through the different drive modes and reassures us the company hasn’t lost any of the character that makes up a Lotus.

Handling is a given, but there’s very little mentioned about the weight of the vehicle and how that plays a part in the dynamics, something Lotus founder Colin Chapman would certainly have been intrigued by.

Still, the batteries have been strategically placed behind the driver to give the most balanced weight distribution possible and Gavan is confident it’s very much a Lotus as we know it.

We get plenty of time onboard with Gavan and a real good look at some of the electronics and cabin layout.


Range mode is limited to 1,000PS of power and 800Nm of torque (how will those poor customers manage with such little power?!) while adapting from four to rear-wheel drive to help with range.


City provides greater power control and decreases the level of regenerative braking for urban environments.


Tour starts to get a little bit interesting. It provides automatically switchable four-wheel or rear-wheel drive, delivering over 1,400PS of power with torque-vectoring. 


Now we’re talking. 1,700PS and 1,700Nm linked to stability control systems to increase traction levels means you’re going to have to start paying attention. 


Lotus say Track mode is the most extreme with the full 2000PS available and the highest level of torque-vectoring with the Evija’s Drag Reduction System (DRS). The chassis setting is automatically switched to Track.

The Evija will go on to be showcased at Salon Prive Concours d’Elegance later this week to be held at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Blenheim Palace in the Oxfordshire countryside.

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