This LEGO Porsche 911 RSR is retouched into life

One of the great things about LEGO is the intersection of reality, dreams, and ideas. It’s the idea that something you’ve built comes to life, and that’s exactly what Tomek Mąkolski has done by retouching his Porsche 911 RSR into some pretty stunning Dubai landscapes. 

Tomek Mąkolski retouched image of a Lego 911 RSR driving on a desert road

The idea behind the project, and very much in the mould of the Ressence X Sagmeister Type 3X watch, is that Makolski wants us all to slow down and take our time digesting content and imagery.

Using carefully lit images of the model along with the right aspects and angles he has retouched the LEGO car into real life scenes complete with motion blur, dust, and even flames. 

“I shot the car in the studio in Warsaw,” he explains, “and applied all the light there. It was essential to reproduce it exactly as it was on location before going into post-production. There, with the help of Kamil Karpiński at, we put everything together, including the additional blur and flames.”

A Porsche fan and regular track day driver, he had previously done the same treatment to a LEGO 911 GT3 RS in his native Warsaw.

LEGO is just the beginning though and has sparked further ideas for projects involving CGI. 

Find out more on his Instagram account and Website/portfolio.

Buy the LEGO 911 RSR ($249.99 AUD / $149.99 USD / £139.99 GBP)

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