This Ferrari F1 driving simulator signed by Mansell is being auctioned

Is there such a thing as a classic racing simulator? Of course there is! There are classic racing games so why not simulators and given the way eSports has completely exploded the past few years, expect this to become more of a thing. 

Ferrari F1 driving simulator with 3 screens

Despite technology being driven by newer, more advanced processors and capabilities there’s a growing market for nostalgic or vintage gaming.

The simulator currently on auction at Collecting Cars is an ex-Ferrari rig reportedly sourced from Maranello and built by ARC-Team in Pavia, Italy and hooked up to three 46-inch Samsung TVs. It’s all working, and even received a software upgrade in 2016 to its bespoke ‘F1 Driving System’ running off a tower PC. 

It’s even signed by the moustached one, Nigel Mansell aka “il leone”. 

Sure, this isn’t a patch on modern rigs or simulators but it super cool and would suit not just private gamers looking for an authentic Ferrari sim experience but commercial outfits looking for a bit of showroom interest. 

Visit Collecting Cars for more.

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