This electric BMW EV9 concept by Chacko Abraham is incredible

Often you’ll find retro inspired concepts come across as kitsch, sentimental, or lacking the essence of the original. And it’s extremely difficult to pull off, but somehow Ford interior designer Chacko Abraham has managed to do it with his rendered concept of a modern day electric equivalent of a BMW E9 3.0, called the EV9.

The original BMW E9 is coming into its own as a classic car. We all know how coveted the E9 3.0 CSL is with its aero kit, large wing and racing success but there is an understated elegance about the standard 3.0 coupe, possessing a form you don’t often see anymore in modern cars. Ever increasing waistlines and bonnets, reduced glass and visibility and sheer mass makes it difficult for designers to create a sense of delicacy and lightness. Notice how there’s nothing crazy about the kidney grill, it never dominates.

Conceptual drawings of a BMW EV9 by Chacko Abraham
Image © Chacko Abraham
3D render of a BMW EV9 by Chacko Abraham
Image © Chacko Abraham

Chacko’s render, created using Blender, retains all the best bits of the original and is restrained in its execution. It would’ve been easy to pump out those guards even further to give a muscular race-bred look and end up with some sort of satirical homage, but that’s not the case here. He’s kept that waistline low and used classic volumes and proportions staying true to the original.

One of the best parts of the E9 is its glasshouse and pillar-less doors. This allows a lot of light in and something Chacko accentuated thematically inside the EV9. This being an electric concept he focused on the ambience delivering an “indulgent cruise” and less so on pure performance.

Inspiration came from a few sources such as Ressence (@ressence_watches), Art Martins (@art__martins), and Patricia Urquiola (@patricia_urquiola)to name a few.

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