This cabin by A38 arkitekter in Norway has Bond 007 written all over it

Whenever there’s a scene in a Bond movie that’s in the snow, it always tends to involve some sort of modern architecture that juxtaposes its immediate environment. 

A38 arkitekter is a Norwegian architectural firm based on Oslo who collaborated with the television network TV3 to create a modern cabin on a typical farmyard in Oppdal that looks every bit out of a Bond film.

The goal was to create a new structural language amidst the classic Norwegian farm houses and the design resulted in “The Diamond”. There’s the usual nod to minimum disruption to the immediate environment and sympathy for the landscape and they’ve achieved this through using a pillar construction which required very little groundwork.

The design itself uses large windows to maximise the view out while feeling warm and luxurious at the same time.

No word on whether the glass is bulletproof…

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