These Thursday moto boots offer big style for less

Thursday Boot company are relatively new to the boot scene. With less than a decade under their belts, they don’t have a century of experience to draw upon. What they do have however, is a modern startup approach which has allowed them to arrive at a quality and price point they feel is lacking in the boot market.

They’ve recently released their Moto Boot, a high cut boot for, well, when you’re on your bike (or not), but stylish enough that you don’t look as though you’re about to go toe to toe with Marc Marquez. 

And it’s this weighting towards style that needs to be called out before anything. If you’re after a motorcycle boot to protect your feet, and this goes for all the other fashion boot brands out there, you need to look elsewhere at brands like Alpinestars, SIDI, and Dainese. While fashion leather boots will provide some degree of protection in some instances, the protection doesn’t go very far even in low speed crashes, even on your cafe racer. 

Thursday Boots moto boot

But the amount of risk you’re willing to take on is a very personal thing, so if all of that doesn’t matter to you, great! If you don’t even plan on using the boot as a motorcycle boot, even better! To be fair, Thursday Boots never explicitly state this is a “motorcycle boot offering X-amount of protection”.

What we are really looking at here is a “moto inspired” boot, one that tackles all the traditional visual attributes of a moto boot and adds a good dollop of style. Designed in collaboration with Rande Gerber of Casamigos the boots are made of leather with some distressing to give them a slight rough and ready look. 

The boots use a Goodyear welt, cork-bed midsole, and their new “Army Track” lug outsole. They also feature a padded collar, Rubi zipper and Kevlar blend laces. 

Thursday Boot’s calling card is quality at a reasonable price, and that price is $235 USD. If you’re looking for a boot from Redwing, Danner, or Viberg you’re going to be paying more and sometimes a lot more. Unlike some fashion brands who compliment their lines with shoes, Thursday don’t outsource creation to China, instead the production is done in shoe-making capitals Portugal and Spain. 

Whether or not the boots stand the test of time or meet expectations requires a small leap of faith. There are no stores to go and try on a pair of Thursday Boots but the returns policy means it’s possible to try and return however currently all shipping costs will be at your expense. 

Price: $304.81 AUD* ($235.00 USD / £172.23*)

*At current currency conversion rates

Visit Thursday Boots for more.

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