These scale model builds are incredible

During this lockdown period which looks like it might drag on far longer than anyone wants, we have happily returned to engage in hobbies we previously had no time for. 

Many Tamiya and Fujimi 1:24 model car kits have already been sold out in local stores and online with only the odd Honda Civic model kit collecting dust.

There are a couple of ways you can approach model building. There’s enjoying the process and doing the best you can, then there’s Kenji san’s way. 

Kenji san is a model builder from Japan (where else would you expect this fastidious and borderline obsessive detail to come from?) who creates stunning videos on YouTube of his model builds that are borderline therapeutic. He also has a website dedicated to even more detailed modelling techniques.

There are many tips and tricks to be learnt along the way and some downright outrageous detail that goes into not only building, but fabricating and customising parts to go beyond the original model kit brief. 

I won’t say any more, just watch his build of a 1973 Porsche 911 RS, from start to end, and be mesmerised. 

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