These rare vintage cameras are amazing

Leitz Photographica Auction is the largest auction house for cameras around the globe, auctioning some of the most rare and beautiful cameras of the past.

A few of the prized cameras up for auction on 8th June 2019 at the Leitz- Park in Wetzlar, Germany include a 1954 Leica M3 Chrome, 1958 Leica MP2 Black Paint, 1954 Leica250 GG Reporter + Leica-Motor MOOEV, 1970 Leica UW, and a 1968 Hasselblad Lunar Surface SWC

The entire catalogue is to be released in May. Until then, drool away.

1954 Leica M3 Chrome

Estimate: €300.000 – 400.000

1954 Leica M3 Chrome

The M3 (No. 700005) is said to be one of the earliest known to exist and with it being in 100% original condition. In fact, this particular camera never went on sale to the public, owned by chief engineer of Leica and a co-developer of the M3, Willi Stein. Such a great story!

1958 Leica MP2 Black Paint

Estimate: €400.000 – 500.000

1958 Leica MP2 Black Paint

After something rare? Only 27 MP2s were made, and out of those only 6 were black, making this one of the rarest Leica cameras to have been produced. This auction piece includes battery grip, special battery pack, and a prototype control box (a switch for single and continuous exposures) 75x40mm finished in red plastic.

1954 Leica250 GG Reporter + Leica-Motor MOOEV

Estimate: €300.000 – 400.000

1954 Leica 250 GG Reporter Motor MOOEV

The GG Reporter is an incredibly capable camera boasting 35mm, 250 shots without reloading film, and 1/1000 sec. exposure, even more astonishing when you consider it was released in 1942.

Only 92 cameras have been supplied with an electric motor drive MOOEV with most lost in battles having been used for aerial reconnaissance in German warplanes. It is believed that only 15 of such examples exist today.

1970 Leica UW

Estimate: €40.000 – 50.000

1970 Leica UW

Want to feel like a certain Jacques Cousteau? You need this very cool, very rare Leica UW underwater housing that also includes a Leica M4 in almost perfect condition!

1968 Hasselblad Lunar Surface SWC

Estimate: €30.000 – 35.000

1968 Hasselblad Lunar Surface SWC

The late 60’s were some of the best times for many mechanical objects. It doesn’t get much cooler (geekier?) than NASA and Hasselblad producing a camera designed to be used by astronauts and calling it ‘Lunar Surface’. The job went to the Hasselblad 500 EL in the end which makes the Lunar, with only 25 made, a rare piece.



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