These Matchbox car restorations are addictive

If you’re like me, Matchbox Cars were one of the ‘big brands’ every young kid had to ‘invest’ in along with LEGO, Tamiya models and RC cars, and Atari games. 

Matchbox cars were originally produced by Lesney toys before financial difficulties led the company to be sold to Universal toys and eventually by Mattel. Those original cars featured a lot of metal whereas many of the later ones used more and more plastic, obviously for cost savings.

Matchbox produced hundreds of cars over the years with most of us putting them to good use with imagination and creativity. Let’s trigger some memories shall we? 

• Carpet drag races
• Carpet road trips
• Furniture mountain passes
• Big jump (by hand)
• Big jump (by flicking)
• Driveway races
• Dirt rallies
• Matchbox original tracks

After some time the paint would start to wear and they would look like a patina mess any 911 fanatic could only dream of.

Thankfully there are some in this world who dedicate their time and resources to restoring these little gems. Check out these channels for some Matchbox car restorations.

For Matchbox exclusive…

Marty’s Matchbox Makeovers

Matchbox Garage

And for Matchbox including other brands check out…



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