These engine tear down and rebuild videos are therapeutic

People watching is a great pastime. Watching people deconstruct and reconstruct mechanical things is even better. 

Mazda MX5 engine

I love this guy’s honesty. Not a pro just an enthusiast having a go like most of us wish we had the guts to do!


Jethro Bronner has some of the best car vids on Youtube as he focuses on repairing and restoring his Alfa finds. I know this isn’t an engine, but it’s just beautiful to watch…

Rotary (RX8) engine

Every owner of a car with a rotary engine knows periodic rebuilds are part of the game. Thanks to Car Throttle we get to see just what goes in to a rotary rebuild. Lighthearted and entertaining too!

Ferrari 458 Italia engine

An official Ferrari video of the 458 Italia engine being built at the factory. Feel the passion! Just ignore the background music…

Lamborghini Espada engine

If you aren’t following Harry Metcalfe shame on you! This is as good a place as any to start as he enlists the help of Tyrrells Gragae to rebuild his Lamborghini Espada with plenty of focus on the engine.

Toyota 2JZ engine

A 2JZ engine build with excellent commentary describing all the ins and outs of putting together Toyota’s most famous engine.

Subaru engine

A fantastic Subaru engine rebuild. No voice over just natural mechanical workshop sounds to make you feel at home. 

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