There’s now an electric Mercedes-Benz eScooter

Mercedes-Benz recognise the shift in how consumers view mobility and have partnered with Micro Mobility of Switzerland to release their first electric scooter, the eScooter.

Car manufacturers are scrambling right now amidst uncertainty over the future of mobility. Is it electric? Is it hydrogen? Is it autonomous? One thing that’s been evident over the past number of years is the necessity for multiple solutions, options, and executions. Part of this is driven by the so-called “last mile”, the last stage of a commuter’s journey to and from their destination.

This is where scooters, and in particular electric scooters have started to take off, particularly in large cities. Why pay for a slow old bus or expensive cab when an electric scooter can get you to where you need to go in probably about the same time or less given the increase in traffic congestion.

Weighing in at 13.5 kg, the 7.8 Ah battery pumps out 500 W power and is capable of 20 km/h. Range is said to be up to 25kms.

The 20 cm diameter rubber wheels should provide enough clearance and pliability over rough surfaces, aided by the front and rear suspension.

The centrally-mounted display shows the speed, battery level and riding mode and there’s even a provision for a number plate.

This is not the first time Micro have partnered with an auto manufacturer as they previously collaborated with BMW on a kick scooter.

Mercedes-Benz have released information on the scooter being ready for its local market of Germany but no word yet on availability in other markets. Stay tuned to Micro Mobility and Mercedes-Benz for more.

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