There’s now a drifting Lamborghini go-kart

Can’t stretch to a $900,000 Aventador? Don’t worry, if Xiaomi release this to the world you could at least say you own a “Lamborghini” as the Italian supercar maker has teamed up with the tech company with a kart based on the Ninebot GoKart Pro.

The Lamborghini Edition Ninebot GoKart Pro will come in Giallo Orion (that’s yellow to you and I), enhanced “Ice Lake Blue” LED headlights, and battery pack pumping out 432Wh that is capable of 62 400 metre laps before it will need to come in for a recharge.

The top speed of the kart is 40kph (25mph).

The kart also has a drifting mode which although may not be the fastest way around a karting circuit, just may be the most fun. Helping you look your Keiichi Tsuchiya best are a set of tires custom made for drifting.

Now, we all know Lamborghinis are about big speed but also big sound, so Xiaomi has thought about that too by introducing a unique engine sound profile emulation system that is designed to mimic the various tones of a conventional Lamborghini engine. 

No word yet on availability for Australia.

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