The Touring Superleggera is a coach built masterpiece

Coach built cars have always been the domain of the wealthy and Touring Superleggera from Italy have been involved in producing some of the most iconic cars of all time since 1926. Their latest creation, the Aero 3, is a stunning homage to some of their earlier cars such as the Alfa Romeo 6C and BMW 328 Touring Berlinetta.

Don’t think for a second this is just a rebodied version of another Italian supercar because there is a lot more to it!

Going against trends of slashed vents, Star Wars-like folding surfaces, and Transformers-like components Touring have a more traditional approach to design instead accentuating more natural lines and curves.

However, Touring were early exponents of aerodynamic studies, so much so they were commissioned by BMW to create a car to compete with Touring’s previous Mille Miglia winner, the Alfa 6C. And so they did, with the BMW 328 Touring Berlinetta winning its class in Le Mans and the following Mille Miglia.

The dorsal fin on the Aero 3, arguably its most striking feature, is a result of that continued effort with two aero flaps either side of the fin which raise when needed.

The body of the Aero 3 is all carbon fibre which Touring say is a break from tradition, with the sub-structure made from various aluminium alloys.

Inside the attention to detail continues with the red flowing through against soft black touches, Foglizzo leather, offset by polished aluminium, matte black aluminium and matte carbon fibre detail.

Performance is supercar spec too but this is not so much about being the fastest but rather doing it in (a lot of) style. Regardless, with a V12 powering the car to 0-100 kph in 3.1 seconds and onto an estimated top speed of 340 kph, it’s not hanging around.

As these are custom built, clients can specify personalisation features which is actively encouraged by Touring. With 5,000 hours are spent making sure the cars are perfect, and for any luxury bespoke item, it’s what customer would expect. Oh, and if you have to ask the price, you’re probably better off at a dealership down the road!

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