The Tamiya McLaren Senna model kit shows impressive detail

Probably the most polarising supercar to come out in recent years would have to be the McLaren Senna. Hugely impressive on track, especially under braking, it still failed to win hearts. That probably comes down to it being rather unapologetically aero-driven with a design that is more about lap times than anything else but certainly absent from any “most beautiful cars of all time” list.

Still, that hasn’t stopped Tamiya from recreating the McLaren Senna in 1/24 scale as a static model. 

The typical Tamiya attention to detail is seen throughout the kit along with options to make the car as you see fit such as choosing between the dash in its race or regular street configuration, and also a choice of twin or triple exhausts. There are outer details too such as the discs and calipers separated from one another to allow the discs to rotate.

The window and roof parts slot into the upper monocoque while other parts have been carefully engineered to piece together without the reliance on glue or cement. 

Would you add the Senna to your collection?

Price: $73.00 USD (Australian stock coming soon)

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