The SOL Motors Pocket Rocket e-bike has a wheelie mode

The E-bike segment seems to be taking off. Electric powered bikes seem to take on the mantle of future design as they challenge how a bike should look.

SOL Motors have their own interpretation as to what an electric bike should be. They aren’t calling it a scooter nor a traditional motorcycle but something in between. 

Much like other electric bike start ups the emphasis is mostly on the design. Using a triangular frame the SOL ebike looks to minimise design distraction. The main tubular part of the frame serves as the seat and battery compartment.

There are three driving modes: Eco, sport, wheelie. Yes wheelie! Brakes are regenerative through a hydraulic system. The battery is removable for external charging and uses a common plug socket (220V).

Available in two versions, the Pocket Rocket hits 50 km/h while the Pocket Rocket S is able to reach 80 km/h.

What problem is the ebike trying to solve? Perhaps it’s the short journeys in city areas where it’s too long to walk or scoot, but too short to drive. And with many cities taking back their streets from congested traffic and only allowing electric mobility within its perimeter, the SOL ebike starts to make sense. 

SOL are betting much of the ebike on design to draw customers away from traditional scooters. Designed and engineered in Stuttgart, and made in Germany, it’s available for pre-orders now.

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