The Serial 1 is an electric bicycle powered by Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson has been carefully moving away from dependency on sales of big thumping twin-cylinder bikes for quite some time, and carefully crafting a brand story that doesn’t involve motorcycle gangs or anti-social behaviour.

They are one of the first big motorcycle manufacturers to create a fully fledged electric motorcycle with the LiveWire that doesn’t pretend to be more than just a motorcycle. Despite much of its image in pop culture seemingly rooted in the past, the company is quite progressive, and behind the walls of Harley-Davidson’s Product Development Centre lies a team of design thinkers creating new ways to leverage the company’s knowledge of electric powertrains.

And they’ve created this, an electric bicycle that stays true to brand persona. Serial 1 Cycles, taking the Serial 1 name from the very first Harley-Davidson referred to as “Serial Number One”, is a team of HD alumni who are now in charge of delivering eBicycle solutions as a new entity.

Looking every bit like an early Harley-Davidson motorcycle, the electric bike certainly has looks on its side. More details to follow as the bike gets released.

The way we move is changing, and with massive growth in electric bicycles continuing over the next few years and beyond Harley-Davidson are grabbing a piece of the pie.

Visit Serial 1 Cycles for more.

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