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There are a bevy of Porsche books out on the market and plenty which cover the history, engineering, and model documentation. But what if you wanted to add a Porsche book to your collection which offered something a little different? This book by publisher teNeues of the photographic work of Frank M Orel just about fills that little hole.

This is the oversized hardback version which dominates any table it rests on partly due to the size but also the metallic pink saturating the cover promising plenty of gratuitous Porsche body shots.

There is a graphic expression and artistic license which accompanies a lot of the photographs throughout this book which may be distracting to some but refreshing for others. Still, there are plenty of wow moments mostly when Frank has access to Porsche’s iconic race cars, shooting in studios or set up in scenes.

Turn the first few pages it quickly becomes clear this is not an education piece in Porsche history. In fact the only text you’re going to find here is at the beginning of each chapter, and a couple of lines at that. This is more about letting the photography do the work.

This is a Porsche book to sit casually on any coffee table or bookshelf. You may not reference it on a regular basis, but you’ll surely be delighted when you do decide to revisit.

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