The new Omega Speedmaster is now Master Chronometer certified

Every now and then, as a brand you need to update your halo product. If you take the evolutionary approach rather than revolutionary you can do so without undermining any of the historic attributes of that particular product. 

For 2021, Omega has updated the caliber 1861 on their Speedmaster “Moon watch” with a new co-axial calibre 3861 first seen in the Apollo 11 Anniversary Limited Edition and subsequently in the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition and “Silver Snoopy” 50th Anniversary Speedmaster.

Now the Master Chronometer-certified calibre 3861 will be embedded within the regular Speedmaster marking an end to 50 years of the 1861 calibre. This ensures the watch meets current NASA certification for manned space exploration as well as extravehicular activity (EVA), or what us regular folk know as spacewalks and is capable of withstanding most extreme magnetic fields reaching 15,000 gauss.

In keeping with the Calibre 3861’s frequency, the minute track is now split by 3 divisions, as opposed to the 5 divisions on previous models.

Inspiration is said to come from the 4th generation Moonwatch (the Apollo 11 one) which incorporates an asymmetrical case, step dial, double bevel caseback, and the dot over 90 (DON) and a dot diagonal to 70 on the anodised aluminium bezel ring.

It also features a fully-brushed bracelet with five–arched-links-per-row and new clasp with a polished OMEGA logo. 

OMEGA have 8 different styles to choose from in the Moonwatch range including the Sedna™ gold on Sedna™ gold for $53,150.00 AUD, and Canopus Gold™ on Canopus Gold™ for $69,150.00 AUD. All come with a 5 year warranty.

Price (42mm steel on steel): $9,575.00 AUD ($6,300.00 USD / £5,370.00 GBP)

Find out more from OMEGA.

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