The new Mercedes-AMG roof box has its own diffuser

Mercedes-AMG are showing you how to carry in style. How many roof-boxes can you say have gone through extensive driving trials by a High-Performance Team? Probably not many. 

The Mercedes-AMG roof box is designed with a diffuser that has a positive effect on the aerodynamics and noise level while the integrated handles ensure air resistance is reduced. 

And there’s actually two versions to choose from. The first is suitable for ALL Mercedes vehicles while the second is developed for Mercedes coupés, the difference lying in the diffuser which is designed to be more sympathetic to the shape of the coupe bodies. 

Practically speaking, the roof holds 410 litres, is able to be opened from both sides, is mounted using a quick-release clamping system, and has a payload of 70kg. Mercedes say the roof box has been approved up to the legal speed limit of 130 km/h.

    1. I wouldn’t be able to answer that Jerry. I reckon give Mercedes-Benz Canada a call on that, you’ll get a better result!

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