The new Leica SL2-S is a premium hybrid shooter

Leica has introduced a variant on the SL2 called the SL2-S targeting fast motion capture and stronger video capabilities.

Paring back the ultra high resolution SL2 sensor to broaden the frame capture capabilities, the full frame camera uses a 24-megapixel BSI-CMOS sensor that can capture up to 25 frames per second at full resolution processed by the Maestro-III processor in conjunction with the 4-gigabyte buffer memory. This also means it can produce bursts of 9 frame per second for as long as the memory card will allow and can reach up to ISO 100,000 for low light conditions.

Leica’s suspended image sensor provides multi-axis image stabilisation, enabling multishot capturing which calculates eight shots into one for a fourfold resolution of 96 megapixels. 

The body construction is the same as the SL2 with a dust and water protection rating of IP54. 

Those in studio environments will enjoy tethering capabilities via Capture One 21 and their computer and Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom Classic. Leica are offering a time-limited Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan with every camera purchase.

Leica are also keen to point out the balance of photo and video capabilities of the SL2-S with separate recording modes making your customisable settings easy to access and switch between.

The video capabilities stretch to 10-bit 4:2:2 videos with Leica’s L-LOG gamma, at frame rates of up to 60 fps and optional LUTs. And like the burst mode for photos, the length of the recording is only limited by internal or external memory.

There are also a whole bunch of firmware updates due in the first half of 2021 which will open up further capabilities of the camera.

Using the L-Mount system the SL2-S is compatible with SL-system lenses as well as TL lenses and when using an adapter, lenses from the Leica M, R and S-System.

The camera is very much a hybrid shooter, not quite hitting the stills heights of the regular SL2, but with extended video capabilities that perhaps makes it more versatile if you’re after something to do both duties.

Price: $7,500.00 AUD ($4,895.00 USD / £3,975.00 GBP)

Visit Leica for more.

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