The new Leica D-Lux 7 Street Kit levels up your street photography skills

If you’re wanting an entry into Leicasphere the D-Lux 7 is a great place to start and they now have a Street Kit to go along with it. 

Of course for just over $2,000 AUD the camera and kit is not exactly chump change but considering the price of other cameras in Leica’s range, it almost is.

Like attempting to build a sports car these days, development costs for any product can be astronomical rendering a project null and void before it’s even pitched to an executive line of management. That’s why Leica team up with the likes of Panasonic to create a line that satisfies other segments allowing them to focus on the top end—so what you get with the D-Lux 7 is essentially a rebadged Panasonic LX100 II. You’ll pay more for the Leica but it does look the better of the two, surely worth that little bit extra.

With the Street Kit you’ll get a bunch of goodies that make street photography a breeze especially when traveling with such features as the lens cap with an auto opening mechanism. As well as the D-Lux 7 you’ll get a hand grip, additional black paracord camera strap by COOPH, and a spare battery.

Price: $2,190.00 AUD ($1,549.00 USD / £1,200.00 GBP)

Visit Leica for more.

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