The new Nissan Z Proto revealed

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Nissan Fairlady Z Proto

This is it folks. The much anticipated new Nissan Z Proto, a first look at what the production car will look like. 

We know it will have a V-6 twin turbocharged engine paired with a manual transmission. Ok, let’s just celebrate that for a minute!

There are a lot of design cues from past Nissan Z cars throughout, essentially an amalgamation of 50 years of Z cars. Is it successful?

The original Z car played a huge part in the direction of the new car particularly the frontal area with the headlights and intake treatment. Refreshingly, there are no extra vents, fake or otherwise, adorning the front flanks. Dead on, this is the first gen (S30) Z car through and through. 

The round lenses are split and raked back but also pay homage to the original, a welcome change from the skinny, squinty look of most other modern sports cars.

What about that side profile? It’s not as dramatic as we might have anticipated given the relation to the original which sits further over the rear much like the BMW Z4 and AMG GT. Still, it sits just comfortable enough between old Zs and newer, more centralised Zs.

Sweep around to the rear and instantly the 300ZX (S32) rear lights come to mind, however this time they have a very modern treatment with protruding LEDs.

Inside it’s classic Z car. A wrap-around cockpit is straight out of the 90s playbook…but it works. They’ve still managed to get modern tech screens in with a good balance of buttons, switches, and screens. And check out those three dials at the top of the dash! A wonderful nod of respect to the original. The 12.3-inch instrumentation cluster is digital and features a twelve-o’clock redline position.

The steering wheel is a deep dish model which again, harks back to the original.

These are the specs we know so far:

Z Proto specifications

Engine: V-6 twin turbo
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Length: 4,382 mm
Width: 1,850 mm
Height: 1,310 mm
Wheel and tire size: Front: 255/40R19 Rear: 285/35R19

The Nissan Z Team are now working on all other aspects of the car in order to ready it for production and over the next few months more details will follow regarding the engineering and other functions and features. 

For now, soak up the design.

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