The Motor and Wheels archive will keep you busy

Wheels magazine has been the backbone of Australian automotive journalism since 1953. And it’s that very first issue, right up to 2019 editions that you can access and delve into for free thanks to Bauer Media’s auto archive.

From 2015 on, Bauer started scanning its other motoring titles such as Motor and Unique Cars.

However, the really juicy stuff I find is from 1989 to around 1997 when there was a tsunami of Japanese models being launched that would change the industry and provide a legacy that continues today. It’s fascinating to feel the excitement of the new MX-5 sports car from Mazda, or the new GT-R from Nissan, then see how they fair over time.

Being Australian motoring media, there was a LOT of Commodore, Falcon, Commodore vs Falcon, Falcon vs Commodore, new Commodore, Scooped Falcon etc cover shots and stories. How times have changed.

Dig in and enjoy!

Visit the Bauer Media Auto Archive

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