The Luft Book V2 is the Porsche book you need right now

Luftgekühlt is one of the coolest events ever to be associated with the automobile bringing together the best of Porsche’s air-cooled cars from its entire back catalogue through the sheer passion of dedicated owners. Started in the US where so many of Porsche’s most incredible road and race cars reside, the event is always professionally organised and run.

Not content with sticking a bunch of cars on an empty field, or throwing a BBQ in a parking lot, Luftgekühlt co-founder and racing hero Patrick Long is always trying to elevate the experience. In order to capture their uniqueness for Luftgekühlt 6, the cars were carefully placed about at the Universal Backlot allowing photographers plenty of opportunities to capture poster worthy photos.

This is book number 2, with 248 pages chronicling the stories and events during Luftgekühlt 4 through to 6. It’s not just in the US where the Luft culture has taken hold, both Britain and Germany have each held their own official Luft events and all of that is captured in the book. 2020 has been postponed for obvious reasons which makes looking through the book a reminder of what’s to come in 2021 (hopefully!)

Photography is by car culture regulars Larry Chen, Nevin Pontious, Vince Perraud, and others meaning it’s absolutely best in class, with words by Joshy Robots.

Is there nothing Jeff Zwart can’t do? As well as being a race car driver and photographer he is also credited with the book design alongside Ralph Hermens.

The Luft Book V2 hardback book comes in a sleeve and unique stylised box.

Price: $189.50 AUD ($140 USD / £105.20 GBP). Does not include shipping costs.

Visit Luftgekühlt for more.

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