The Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar C-type is a beautiful continuation car

Ecurie Ecosse race team have a long history in motorsport and quite a successful one having won Le Mans outright twice as well numerous other victories. They have continued to this day supporting and promoting Scottish talent with many successful stories such as those of Alan McNish, David Coulthard, and Dario Franchitti. 

While Jaguar are busy building an electric future and restoring E-types, Ecurie Ecosse are building off the success of their previous road-going effort, the LM69, and are now recreating their Jaguar C-type race cars as road going continuation cars.

Ecurie Ecosse originally raced seven C-type chassis’s all still in existence today, so seven new cars will now be hand-built in Coventry as numbered “sister cars” to the original seven and will be called Ecurie Ecosse LM-C. The new cars will be just like the original but with improvements, much in the spirit of Ecurie Ecosse and the original C-type they first raced. 

The basic shape thankfully remains although is now wider and stiffer but still using thin-gauge aluminium alloy and mated to a steel spaceframe chassis. Of course, nothing short of a Jaguar straight-six XK engine would do but it too comes in for a bit more of a tickle with capacity increased to 4.2 litres and fuel injection pushing it to 300bhp.

With more power comes more responsibility—for the suspension and brakes at least. They have been uprated enough to cope while the 5-speed gearbox will have you joyously rowing up and down.

The form of the C-type is so evocative, it looks like pure emotion and speed and was the first car to be honed in a wind tunnel as well as being a test bed for disc brakes in competition, a world first. These continuation cars will be hand built using traditional techniques and process like the English Wheel, Hammer Forming and Pressing, as well as hand welding on the steel space frame chassis. The Ecurie Ecosse shield is proudly airbrushed by hand on its flanks and makes a real statement along with the de rigueur meatball.

Inside, the car is just as impressive, with blue leather trimmed bucket seats by Crest, bespoke Moto-Lita wood rimmed steering wheel, and a Tag Heuer Master Time stop watch for racing your mates in the local hill climb (because you really need to).

No doubt if you need to ask the price, you’re probably not the right customer but if you think you are and you want a bit of that racing glory in your garage, contact Ecurie Ecosse for more.

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