The big list of auto and moto films to watch

Auto themed films and documentaries can often be hit and miss, however that often comes down to our own individual preference. Some love the Fast and Furious franchise, others loathe it. Whatever the case, when cars or motorcycles are part of the film it should be celebrated. 

The following list is not a catch all for every film ever made with a car as a star (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang does not make the list) but there’s plenty to watch. Some try to capture reality as closely as possible, others stylised, some laughably get much of it wrong. There’s dubious acting and Oscar-worthy performances, dodgy sound editing and engine sounds that are music to the ears. Get stuck in!


For: Steve McQueen; that chase scene; Mustangs and Dodge Chargers

Le Mans

For: Le Mans! Steve McQueen; classic prototype racers

Vanishing Point

For: Bitchin’ 1970 Dodge Challenger

The Fast and Furious series

For: Hollywood production; Japanese hero cars; ridiculous antics 

The Italian Job

For: Minis! Italy; epic chase scenes

Smokey and the Bandit

For: that moustache; good ol’ fashioned muscle (the car type)

Mad Max series

For: mental apocalyptic story lines; wildly modified vehicles


For: Hollywood production; storyline and (Daniel Brühl’s) acting

The Cannonball Run

For: Lycra/Spandex; Lamborghini Countach; 80s cheese

Days of Thunder

For: 90s cheese; soundtrack; American muscle


For: Acting; driving gloves; muscle car cool

American Graffiti

For: Harrison Ford trash talk; classic American drag races


For: Sound; real driver cameos

The World’s Fastest Indian

For: Acting; underdog storyline 


For: DeNero; chase scenes

Gone in 60 Seconds

For: Angelina Jolie; classic Cage; stylised everything


Gentleman Drivers

For: Production; insight

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

For: insight into the F1 paddock; good vs ‘evil’ directing and editing to create a story; production

TT: Closer to the Edge

For: Guy Martin; pure speed; honesty


For: Young Valentino Rossi; Ewan McGregor narration


For: Insight into a legend

The Long Way Round/Down

For: Addictive viewing; Ewan McGregor; adventure

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