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Porsche Cayman Gen 1

The original Porsche Cayman 987 is one of those cars that everyone was asking for and despite looking a little challenged at the rear three quarter we all celebrated. This was after all designed as a Boxster first but Porsche had done a good enough job for it to be a bit of a hit. In fact it was so good, many wondered at the time if it was a better drivers car than the 911!

A flat-6 engine from a 911, manual transmission, and rear wheel drive. One of these elements has disappeared from the current Cayman and another is under increasing threat which makes the original 987 version a brilliant purchase.

Follow these owners for the full Porsche Cayman life!


987.2 Cayman S

Out of Scotland this Cayman S owner clearly cherishes his car. Some fantastic photography skills mean this is one of the best Cayman accounts to follow.


Kasse116 (Junichiro Kashiro)

Junichiro Kashiro has personalised his Cayman over the years resulting in it being one of the most recognisable. The latest mod being a custom interior with plaid inserts and roofline. Great photography too!



Aki Hito is another what Cayman owner although he’s keeping his relatively stock from what can be made out. Great photos if a little spoiled by the number plate masking.

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It’s another well photographed Cayman from Japan, but you’ll also get treated to some amazing photos of the Japanese landscape. And a very cute Chihuahua.


Cayman987.1 (Robert)

One things you’ll notice on Robert’s account is that he’s not afraid to drive his car in rain, snow, or on the track. Plenty of great pictures of a Cayman life!




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