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Ah, the Porsche 928. Such a revolutionary and innovative car when it was launched in 1978 yet it failed to replace the venerable 911, however that ‘failure’ means we can now look back at the car and appreciate it for what it is. The Porsche 928 is an impressive V8 GT car which in S4 guise, still manages to look otherworldly today, particularly from that voluptuous, er, rear end.

First up, Kult 9 run by Mike from London. Be prepared the get very jealous, very quickly as he travels and documents amazing trips through Europe on some incredible roads, sharing his experience along the way on Instagram and his own website. A gorgeous red 928 with amazing mountainous backdrops? Yes please.

Porsche 928 S4 mountain running. #porsche #instalife #porsche928s4 #porsche928 #928 #kult9 #lesdeuxalpes #venosc

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Dan Curwin is a professional photographer, and once you’ve finished ogling 928s (does that ever happen?), do yourself a favour and check out his portrait work, it’s amazing. For now though, we’re lucky to have the iconic 928 photographed by a professional sharing on Instagram. You’ll notice other Porsche cars in the mix as well—yes, Dan is a Porschephile.

For Stephanie Mahan ’Life is no dress rehearsal’, and that means driving her 928 S4 on all sorts of adventures. Actually it looks like a fairly decent lifestyle with lots of car shows and events, meeting plenty of people and interesting cars along the way. Super jealous!

Chris van Parny from Munich, Germany drives a 928 S4 and likes to get creative with his shooting, but in a fairly restrained way. Scroll down his feed and you’ll come to a set of side on 928 shots which simply look amazing. His account has enough variety in it too featuring plenty of Europe’s best classics and some modern classics too.

early bird @ Passo di Giau Italy #porsche928 #passodigiau #krvnfbr #drivetastefully #porsche #928 #porsche928s4

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What I love about Bill Thompson’s Instagram account is his undying love for his Cashmire Beige 928, a colour most would find challenging yet has somehow come full circle. You just don’t see it very often today and that’s what makes it so cool. Also of note is Bill’s effort in get some interesting perspectives, often highlighting the wonderful design properties of the car.

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