The best Porsche 911 Type 993 Instagrammers

Porsche 993 instagrammers

Oh Porsche 911, type 993. How I love thee…

Ok I won’t make you sit through a sonnet but if you don’t find the 993 attractive in any way, there’s a little button at the top of your browser that looks like a crosshair—go ahead and click on it! Just kidding!

But if you’re struggling for 993 appreciation then maybe these Instagram accounts can help change your perception.

Eric Pasia (eeps_993)
Eric combines his incredible yellow 993 RS Tribute with wonderful photography. If you want regular 993 photos at high quality, Eric’s account is the best place to start.

Imola Style
Watches, cameras (specifically Leica’s), and a particular blue Carrera 2S makes this account worth following. The fact every photo is very well shot makes it worth the wait for when that blue 993 pops up.

Sander Hawkins
Sander has a stunning black 993 C2 which gets plenty of Instagram airtime. Tastefully modified on Speedlines and lowered just the right amount, his 993 is nigh on perfection.

Wongy posts ‘whatever from wherever’ but mostly it’s his amazing 993 C2S which features. Only recently he has changed to beautiful Speedline replicas. As with any account out of Japan, it will be punctuated with pictures of delicious food!

Saturday night cruise in #Tokyo #porsche #911 #993 #964 #ポルシェ

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Kura Wa (koji993carrera)
Kura Wa doesn’t post often (hopefully this will change!) but when he does it’s usually done with a bit of effort. The oversized wheels give the car a unique look and really suit the 993.

Follow ‘junyapower’ and ride along for life in Japan as a 993 owner with plenty of meet ups with other 993 owners. A steady stream of modifications makes this account an interesting one to follow!

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