The best Nissan GTR R32 Instagrammers

You may not be a fan, but you can’t deny the Nissan GTR R32 is one of the greatest cars ever produced—proven in racing, ahead of its time, and still blindingly quick today even in stock form (which admittedly most aren’t). It’s these stock, or close to stock cars we are celebrating today because in the year 1989, Nissan got it so right. The boxed guards, the four circular lights, the functional interior, and the promise of supercar embarrassing speed.

First up, ichizo23 from Toyama in Japan. Probably the best photos you’ll see consistently on Instagram of an (almost) visually stock GTR R32. He loves capturing plenty of depth of field and always shows a little bit of Japan along the way. Awesome!

Next is ihciat (@aa10ta1), also hailing from Japan. His GTR has been dropped a little lower with a wheel camber very similar to a Group A GTR. It looks menacing, and judging by the photos he’s not afraid of driving it to different regions.


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Next up is jayhon.r32. His GTR has some mods going on (what did you expect?) but at least aesthetically they all sit really well with the car. The fact he gets out, drives, and takes photos is enough to keep R32 GTR fans engaged.

With demand soaring in North America it’s no wonder R32 GTR prices in Australia have gone up considerably.

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