The best Mazda MX5 NA Instagrammers

Mazda NA MX5 Miata Instagram
Photo: cermivelli

Huge fans of the NA (mk1) Mazda MX5 at Privateer Garage! The original and best Mazda MX5 may be ridiculed by some for its cutesy kawaii looks but usually that’s the preserve of those who have never driven one or believe that only dollops of horsepower maketh a sports car.

The one time Chris Harris gets it wrong is with the MX5, although he does at least have another attempt in this video. He compares the MX5 to a Lotus Elise yet the Lotus was more than twice the price at the time of release and hugely compromised. It’s the accessible nature, including the original price, which makes the MX5 such a wonderful car despite 2019 prices now encroaching upon more sophisticated rivals. 

The smooth curves and simplicity of the original are a breath of fresh air when matched with today’s multi vented, angular, same-same styling. 

So here’s a list of some of the best Mazda NA MX5 accounts on Instagram, chosen for their choice to stay relatively true to the factory specs. Usually with these Instagram round ups, the best photos come out of Japan, but this time for whatever reason the Australian contingent is holding its own.


When you check out Antonin Vincent’s Instagram account you may for split second wonder where the MX5s are, but that won’t matter for long when you see the quality of his work. Antonin is a professional photographer and his portfolio shows it. But don’t fret! Hiding innocently amongst brutish GT3 Bentleys and flame spitting Le Mans prototypes is Antonin’s personal NA MX5. He’s even organised a few MX5 collections if you don’t feel like browsing. 


Mprodd resides in Turin, Italy, the land of exotica with a rich automotive history yet he chooses to have fun in a little Japanese NA MX5. Says a lot, doesn’t it. The quality of photos is stunning and it always looks like he’s on an adventure somewhere.

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Steve from Sydney Australia documented his MX5 journey with wonderful photos in a build thread as well as posting to Instagram. Always tinkering, it will be interesting to see what’s in store.


Louie is a freelance photographer from California with a unique looking BRG MX5. It sits rather low on Star Road Glow Star wheels with a tonne of negative camber and always looks good in photos.


Yes! Scott from Melbourne (d’uh!) looks like he’s having a heap of fun and taking us along for the ride. Melbourne and greater Victoria has arguably some of the best roads in Australia from the coast right through to the Alpine regions. His recent in-car photos are superb!


Giannis is a Greek car designer driving an NA MX5 living in Turin, Italy. I mean, does it get any better than that? Wonder if he knows mproddd? Anyway, Giannis shows us what life as a car designer in Italy looks like, and it looks like a lot of fun! Alpines, historic towns, beautiful scenery and lovely photos capturing it all.


George and his MX5 reside in Sydney Australia where he is currently documenting, quite beautifully, his life with his NA MX5. He also has a website dedicated to the stories behind the photos.

Cover photo: cermivelli

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