The best full size LEGO car builds so far

LEGO full size cars

If you never played with LEGO as a child, well, I’m sorry to say you’ve been deprived! Thankfully there are many reasons (excuses?) now to enjoy LEGO as an adult whether it’s design thinking exercises or better yet building one of LEGO’s Technic car sets such as the Porsche 911 GT3 RS or Bugatti Chiron.

The latter has miraculously been replicated in real life form, 1:1 with moving parts aiding in the ability to roll down the street on its own, as widely reported. It wasn’t the first, and there have been many more since with the latest being Honda’s Civic Type R.

Here are some of the best life size LEGO car builds so far…

McLaren Senna

Number of bricks: Over 468,000
Time to build: Over 2700 hours
Lead builder: Lubor Zelinka and McLaren team of 30 people

LEGO full size McLaren Senna

The polarising McLaren Senna has been getting a lot of coverage of late and this stunning life size LEGO build is surely going to boost its popularity. The 1,700kg Senna is extraordinary in detail with working sound and lights with the ability to control the engine. Looking more like a SEGA 16-BIT gaming image than a vehicle assembled by bricks, this is one of the best yet. Check out the video with Bruna Senna.

Source: McLaren and Top Gear

Civic Type R

Number of bricks: 320,000
Time to build: 1300 hours
Lead builder: Ryan McNaught

LEGO full size Honda Civic Type R

Built as a showcase for Australian TV show LEGO Masters, the life size Type R took master LEGO builder Ryan McNaught (aka The Brickman) and his team of nine 1300 hours using 320,000 bricks to construct such a thing, and like the Bugatti Chiron has working lights although the Honda wasn’t designed with rolling duties in mind as it’s wheels are also made out of bricks.

Source: Honda Australia

VW Camper

Number of bricks: 400,000
Time to build: 6 weeks
Lead builder: Rene Hoffmeister

LEGO full size VW Kombi camper

From cool to dorky to cool again VW Kombi’s have a certain place in automotive history. This Volkswagen Type 2 camper took six weeks to build using 400,000 bricks. LEGO certified builder Rene Hoffmeister partnered with Pascal Lenhard and used 3D modelling to aid in the planning resulting in a Camper that is probably cleaner than any real life version.

Source: VW USA

Bugatti Chiron

Number of Technic elements: Over 1,000,000
Time to build: 13,438 hours
Lead builder: Lubor Zelinka with LEGO builders in Czech Republic

LEGO full size Bugatti Chiron

The life size LEGO Bugatti Chiron was probably the most incredible build we had seen up to that point. With the ability to be driven, the build was mind boggling, and still is! A total weight of 1,500kg without using glue, the LEGO Chiron was theoretically capable of generating 5.3HP and an estimated torque of 92Nm. The rear spoiler is functional (using LEGO Power Functions and pneumatics) as is the speedometer. Incredible, much like the real car. 

Source: LEGO and Top Gear

McLaren 720S

Number of bricks: 280,000
Time to build: Over 2000 hours
Lead builder: McLaren team

LEGO full size McLaren 720S

The 280,000 brick life size 720S supercar built by a McLaren team made its way around the world on display at such iconic venues such as Goodwood Festival of Speed and Petersen Automotive Museum in LA. Weighing in at 1600kg, the car took over 2000 hours to build.

Source: McLaren

There are many more…

If these cars are too exciting for you, fret not, there’s always a life size Toyota Camry, Silverado, or Volvo XC90 to whet your appetite. Renault and Ferrari have also gotten in on the act creating LEGO versions of their F1 racers although they strangely aren’t quite as likeable as the road car builds.

Sources: Toyota // WhichCar // Volvo

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