The best F1 photographers on Instagram

There are some well respected F1 photographers who have decided for whatever reason to avoid Instagram, such as Darren Heath. That doesn’t mean there aren’t others who can give you your fill of life at the latest race. They make it look effortless but so much work goes into capturing these fleeting moments and producing the level of quality that they do.


Vladimir Rys

I won’t hide it. My favourite F1 photographer is Vladimir Rys as he pushes the boundaries between photography and art all the while staying relevant to the subject matter. He also has a wonderful knack of capturing the human element of a grand prix and not just in the ‘winning moments’.

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Jamie Price

Jamie hails from Charlotte, North Carolina and shoots for a variety of publications and race teams including Aston Martin Racing, Force India F1 Team, Renault F1 team, Manor Racing F1 team, Toyota Gazoo Racing to name a few. I also like the fact Jamie states his camera settings for each photo which can only help us hacks!


Glenn Dunbar

The effort Glenn goes to in his work to find new angles and takes on familiar themes has to be appreciated. He has photographed for Renault Formula One, McLaren, Brawn, Honda, Mercedes amongst others. Dig through for some real gems!


Joshua Paul

Joshua chooses to use a Graflex 4×5 view camera from 1913 which gives his photos a distinctive other-worldly look without relying on modern camera trickery and post production masking. It’s the subject matter that matters here. So much emotion in each and every photo but for me it’s the portraits which really stand out.


Peter Fox

Peter isn’t afraid of using processing techniques to achieve a result or response but always with purpose. He also has a way of finding unique angles of positions which helps to set him apart from his peers. His account mixes work with personal and it’s a great insight into an F1 photographer’s life.

Who are your favourite F1 photographers?

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