The best classic Mini Instagrammers

There are no surprises here that all but one of the best Austin or classic Mini Instagrammers are from Japan.

Long obsessed with all things kawaii (cute) and an in depth appreciation of any hobby especially cars and photography, Japanese Mini owners were always going to produce some of the best Mini images.

It also helps that the classic Mini is just so damn photogenic no matter what colour it’s in.

Check these Mini focused accounts out and don’t forget to follow.


Leicalogy has one of the most amazing feeds on Instagram regardless of vehicle make but it does help that his Mini is simply beautifully built with well thought out details. Armed with a Leica (Leicalogy, get it?) and wonderful shooting skills the owner lights up Instagram on a regular basis. I’m struggling to settle on just one photo example so here are two!


A post shared by S_O (@leicalogy) on


A post shared by S_O (@leicalogy) on


230mini is another Mini owner from Japan with a very keen photographic eye. It also helps that the Mini in question is bright orange helping it to stand out night and day!


Katsuosan may only be driving a standard Mini, but what a sweet little car this is. Beautiful condition with plenty of photos out and about meaning this is a Mini that gets driving often.


From what I can tell from the feed, kazu_tomii is very heavily involved in the Mini scene in Japan with a lot of track and event photos and plenty of variety. He also has a Mini inspired product line, check it out!


Relatively new, this account features a gorgeous red Mini and equally gorgeous photography that almost looks like it’s shot on film. One to watch for sure!


Check this one out from Deutschland because the owner is not afraid to be creative and try new techniques even if they don’t always work. Cool to see an all black Mini too!

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