The best automotive podcasts worth listening to

Podcasts were a thing. And then they weren’t. But now they are a huge thing! In fact every brand , influencer, or personality seems to have a podcast these days and car folk are no different. It seems we are all desperate to be entertained, all the time, and podcasts are a great way to pass mundane moments of the day whether it’s the commute to work, at the gym, or doing some other kind of chore.

For those of us who can’t stop talking about cars there are quite a few, and below are some of the best with a mix of humour, insight, and just good old car related chit chat.

Fuel for Thought

Fuel For Thought is a new podcast from Eli Kogan and Sam Birenbaum of OTTO Car Club where they talk to product designers, journalists, racers, collectors and other interesting people in the automotive world. And how’s this for a first guest: Bruce Canepa. Boom!

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Collecting Cars

Started by Edward Lovett and some opinionated dude called Chris Harris, Collecting Cars is the podcast where the hosts get to talk to their favourite automotive journalists, racers, creators, and anybody in the automotive world of influence. Some really insightful stuff especially with regards to the industry and what (shenanigans) goes on behind the scenes. Episodes have dried out somewhat lately but understandable given the schedule of Mr Harris but always worth coming back to.

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F1: Beyond the grid

Tom Clarkson is a seasoned professional journalist and knows exactly how to elicit the right responses from his interviewees. Formula 1 is a fascinating sport with so much that goes on behind the scenes we don’t get to hear about, particularly when it comes to the drivers. And it’s not all current stars either with plenty of racers you may have not have heard of or simply forgotten about that get a chance to tell their story, usually with hysterical anecdotes.

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Spike’s Car Radio

If you’re a former writer for Seinfeld and you host a car podcast two things are guaranteed: 1) it’s going to be funny; 2) Jerry Seinfeld is going to turn up, and it’s going to be funny. Spike Feresten owns some amazing cars and obviously knows some amazing people so this is one podcast not to miss. Hosted with Paul Zuckerman the podcasts come out weekly.

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Carfection: FLOC

The Carfection podcast team of professional car journalist and all-round nice guy Henry Catchpole and self-deprecating executive producer Drew Stearne discuss everything in the automotive industry from new cars, classic cars, insights and behind the scenes, opinions on topical matters, motorsport and everything in between. Their very approachable YouTube manner translates well across to podcasts with top shelf production.

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Drivetribe brings a well produced and rather humorous look at the automotive industry. If you’re missing a bit of the original Top Gear trio, James May does pop up a bit to waft on and hypnotise us all with his anorak-like insights (in a good way). It’s not all fun and games as we do get to hear from plenty of great guests turning up to have a chat.

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Dan Prosser is an automotive journalist freelancing here and there but with Andrew Frankel, together they have DriveNation. Both get access to some very interesting and often very rare cars so it’s always interesting to hear what they are like to drive and own with plenty of industry anecdotes. 

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Car Throttle

If you want to take things a little less seriously and have a laugh join the Car Throttle crew of Alex Kersten, Ethan Smale, and Jack Joy as they talk all things cars, builds, and other nonsense. Plenty of characterful guests and friendly banter makes it feel like you’re hanging out with a few friends talking crap over beer and pizza (probably what they are doing when making the podcast really!).

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Everyday Driver

If you’ve ever watched Everyday Driver on YouTube you’ll be familiar with Paul and Todd, two presenters who offer differing views on the same cars. It’s a format that works, and both presenters bring something unique to the conversation. They play off each other perfectly on the podcast too. Always down to earth, the duo often talk about the things you’re thinking and a lot of un-sexy stuff that you really should be thinking about.

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Let me know in the comments if there are any others you think are great that aren’t on this list.

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