The best auto and moto shows worth going to

Australia has had a fragmented approach to hosting motor shows over the past number of years. Reduced to an underwhelming display of cars you can see in any local showroom and occasionally accompanied by a rare supercar cordoned off by ten feet. With the demise of Holden and locally produced Fords, there’s little Australian uniqueness to the shows.

The biggest, most interesting, and important shows come from overseas with new model releases usually announced at one of the ‘big five’: Tokyo, Frankfurt, Geneva, Detroit, and Paris. The two most important motorcycle shows are EICMA and the Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

The growth of electric has sparked (see what I did there) interest again in seeing the future of automobiles and transportation take shape. While the shift is disruptive for most of us enthusiasts and comes with a good deal of uncertainty, it’s simply the way the world is going, like it or not. 

The good thing is, we are starting to see many more concepts hit the stands again. As wild and wacky as they are, it’s exactly what automotive shows need. 

While there are many shows which display cars, manufacturers will focus on the types of shows below to release new models and make announcements. To help attract the public they now tend to offer much more such as exhibitions, talks, and other static and interactive displays.

The big five auto shows


Image Japan-Guide





The biggest motorcycle shows


Tokyo Motorcycle Show

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