The best Alfa Romeo 105 Instagrammers

This is the first in an ongoing series where we find the best Instagram accounts for specific models. Even though some accounts will be from professional photographers, these Instagrammers are not judged harshly to professional photographic standards, yet still show a combination of flair, technique, enthusiasm, and originality.

Most of these accounts show cars which are either original or lightly fettled for a degree of authenticity.

We hope you enjoy!

The Alfa Romeo 105 series is one of the very few vehicle series which can hold a candle to Porsche’s air-cooled 911 for icon status. In fact, it’s probably even cooler simply because it’s not an air-cooled 911. So it be chilled then.

I’m going to start off with one of my favourites, @hellomisskira. Equally full of Alfa GTV2000 and Porsche 911, Kira is not afraid to show off her style either along with brothers Iliya and Nikita Bridan. Their account is so enjoyable to view and they manage to pull off the whole outlaw thing without trying too hard. In fact effortless is what I’d call it.

Speedhunters have also done Miss Kira Speedhunters story.

Tsukasa Onozawa might only have a few posts but his photos give a great snapshot of Scalino life in Japan, with a dose of Mini thrown in. Here’s hoping more photos surface soon because his car is a peach.

#alfaromeogiulia#アルファロメオジュリア #アルファロメオ#alfaromeo

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One of LA’s top builders, Dorian Valenzuela’s heart is all Alfa although he does a mean 911 as well. Even though you’ll have to sift through the photos to find his Alfa 105 series creations, it’s time very well spent.

Punk, Pizza and Alfa-3 of my favorites!

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Gerrard Needham is a professional photographer and it sure shows. His white 105 sits perfectly over its wheels and can be seen mixing it up with plenty of Porsches (noticing a theme here?).

The Bonsai Heavyweight. #alfaromeo #alfaholics #alfagiuliasprintgtveloce #105

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Jethro Bronner has done what few dare to do with their classic car, drive it beyond their own country’s borders and around the world. His photos document his journey and is a wonderful insight into what his journey entailed. There are plenty of pictures of other cars too just to add some variety.

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