The 1970 Lamborghini Urraco was the original Huracan

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The Lamborghini Urraco was revealed 50 years ago at the Turin Motor Show, 1970 and sporting a new styling language, typical of its designer Marcello Gandini, principal designer for Carrozzeria Bertone at the time. Rather than an out and out supercar, the Urraco was a 2+2 coupe that was a little more approachable, a direction set by Ferruccio Lamborghini himself who wanted to broaden his audience.  

Powering the Urraco was a 2.5L V8, with a single overhead camshaft per bank and four Weber double-body 40 IDF1 type carburettors, pumping out 220 hp at 7800 rpm and capable of a top speed of 245 kph.

In order to create a higher compression ratio Lamborghini used a “Heron chamber” engine head with flat inner part, and the combustion chamber contained in a depression in the top of the piston.

The Urraco used a MacPherson strut system on both front and rear independent suspension which was claimed to be a first for a production car. 

Lamborghini’s little 2+2 set the tone for subsequent V8 cars such as the Silhouette and Jalpa, and more recently the Gallardo and Huracan. Happy 50th Urraco!

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