Sylvan Rock is Aston Martin’s first residence for a cool $10.8m

Aston Martin have been busy of late dabbling in all kind of non-car related projects (some say distractions) that leverage their knowledge and expertise in design and in particular, luxury design. We’ve seen tower residences created by Aston Martin already, as well as their “Galleries and Lairs” and now with Sylvan Rock we have their first micro compound luxury residential real estate development in collaboration with S3 Architecture.

Located on 55 acres of land in Rhinebeck, New York, 90 minutes from Manhattan in the USA, the house has been designed with luxury, health and wellbeing at its heart with versatility allowing a multitude of purposes such as guest housing, remote office location, business colleague retreat, and more.

As health and wellness is an important part of Sylvan Rock it has the facility for at-home aesthetic spa and medical treatments, as well as air filtration and on-property food garden producing fresh produce.

Architecturally the residence appears to fold down the landscape and is clad in blackened cedar and curtain walls of glazing. You know Aston Martin have a hand when the garage has a subterranean lair feel to it. Hop out of your Aston, pick up a bottle of wine from the custom designed wine cellar, and head upstairs.

The interiors also have that Aston Martin luxury touch: wood, leather and metals integrate permeate throughout.

On the property are also guest pods which give the owner privacy when guests are occupying. The same luxury treatment has been given to the pods, where guests can enjoy the integrated wet bar and kitchen featuring a wine and champagne chiller.

For a more outdoorsy stay, guests can choose to spend a night in the treehouse or simply spend the day or evening in it enjoying the nature and aspect, perched above.

Aston Martin and S3 Architecture have also ensured they build as much eco-friendliness into the house as possible by augmenting the compound’s energy with on-property solar array and battery systems. Energy usage is decreased via green building, geothermal heating + cooling and radiant floor heating as well as using innovative and organic building materials.

The price is set at $7,700,000 USD ($10,826,585 AUD).

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