Steve McQueen’s Tag Heuer Monaco watch is up for auction

Yes folks, you can purchase the watch Steve McQueen wore during filming of the 1971 film Le Mans and gave to friend and personal mechanic Haig Alltounian via the Phillips auction, Racing Pulse in New York. 

The watch’s case back features the engraving “TO HAIG Le MANS 1970”, dedicated to him by McQueen and is the last of two known Monaco watches gifted by McQueen.

Haig went on to become a professional driver, designer, and mechanic before retirement and has since spent his time restoring and repairing vintage and classic motorcycles at his workshop, in particular Vincent motorcycles.

The Monaco watch is synonymous with McQueen and probably accounts for much of its success today. Originally designed by Jack Heuer, the Formula 1 race in Monaco was the inspiration for the name.

Paul Boutros, Head of Phillips Watches, Americas, said, “The Heuer Monaco will always be associated with the glamor and thrill of auto racing. We are honored to offer this historic Heuer Monaco, worn by Steve McQueen and gifted to Haig Alltounian in 1970 during the filming of Le Mans, on behalf of Mr. Alltounian. Preserved in superb, original condition with its fascinating caseback engraving remaining perfectly crisp, it can certainly be considered as one of the most important Heuer wristwatches of all time. Worn on McQueen’s wrist while driving the film’s Porsche 917 at speeds above 200 mph, its incredible provenance, wonderful state of preservation, and adrenaline-fuelled history make it an ultimate trophy watch for the connoisseur.”

McQueen also gave Haig a Norton Commando motorcycle which was used during filming of Le Mans, which he still owns today. Perhaps that’s the next thing we will see go for auction.

The watch will be sold in Racing Pulse, the flagship New York Watch Auction, on 12 December.

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