Shenzen’s new Natural History Museum is an amazing homage to its surroundings

This may only be a render, but it’s enough get a good idea of the vision consortium 3XN, B+H, and Zhubo Design had for Shenzen’s new Natural History Museum, conceptually titled “Delta”.

It was also good enough to win a competition out of more than 70 proposals with complimentary words coming from respected architects (and judges) such as Australian architect Phillip Cox:

“The concept of “Delta” is very creative. The continuously sloping exterior wall with the landscape roof creates a continuous volume and spatial experience. The form of the cliff is very interesting, and the details are handled well. The layout of the museum and its interaction with ramps and walls create interesting spaces.”

We often hear architects wax lyrical about a particular built form being sympathetic to its surrounding environment only for us to be scratching our heads trying to connect the two. 

But in this instance it’s right before our eyes, the entire structure snaking it’s way along the ground in harmony with the Yanzi Lake in the Pingshan District of Shenzhen. Rising above, visitors to the centre will be able to walk along the rooftop for a pretty spectacular view while the surrounding areas are open to other activities like walks and jogging.

Shenzen Natural History Museum render

Inside the building houses the actual museum, with spiralling accessible walkways throughout. 3XN describe the intent of the museum to “interpret the laws of natural evolution, showing the geographies of Shenzhen and its ecology in a global perspective, and actively advocating science.”

The usual cafes and restaurants support patrons’ appetites.

Find out more from 3XN.

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