Rimowa’s new limited edition watch case is perfect for your collection

If you’re buying rare and expensive watches like this ex-Steve McQueen Heuer Monaco watch, you’ll probably have a dedicated case made but for those of us who shop a little further down the rung, RImowa’s Watch Case is a perfect start. Looking every bit like a Rimowa product thanks to the engineered grooved aluminium exterior shell which opens from either end, the Watch Case is able to store up to 3 watches in various styles.

Rimowa Watch Case closed
Rimowa Watch Case angled view
Rimowa Watch Case open with watches on display
Rimowa Watch Case open

Inside the case has a microfibre lining with 3 removable cushions with extra cushioning between the outer case and the watch faces. 

There are more design cues inside relating back to their luggage lines and the Watch Case is designed to fit easily within suitcases or travel bags but weighing in at 1.29kg you’ll need to factor that in if traveling.

Rimowa Watch Case half open
Rimowa Watch Case with insides removed

The case measures 26.7 cm wide, 11.2 cm tall, with a depth of 8.5 cm.

The Rimowa Watch Case is available for pre-order from 10 November, and is priced at $2,969.00 AUD.

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