Privateer Garage update

The way content is delivered through Privateer Garage is going to change, hopefully for the better. I love finding great new products created by smaller artisans as well as large brands focused on great design and sharing that with you. I also love sharing thoughts on car design and culture which is at the core of Privateer Garage.

However, the demands of a full time job and the increasing time required to running a blog and associated channels makes it difficult for one person. Why is there only 24 hours in a day?!

I’ll still be writing on the blog once a week but will focus on longer pieces while Instagram will showcase all the great new products, cars, and motorcycles that hit the market along with all the classic stuff that remains timeless.

Privateer Garage is still about all the things that make your life better (with that automotive-centric theme), that are focused around quality, stuff that can be handed down that’s made to last and has good design at the very core. PG Original products are still available in the store too!

So stay with me on this, I’ll keep refining to deliver the best content in all those areas with some rant-filled blog posts along the way!



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