Private White’s Autumn Winter 2020 collection is full of jacket classics

In Australia we may be out of the seasonal rhythm with the rest of the world but it shouldn’t stop us from picking up a quality jacket in preparation for our next cold snap, especially given the crazy weather patterns of late. 

Private White V.C. are outfitters based in Manchester, UK with a long history beginning in 1853, of creating beautifully crafted, high quality products, particularly when it comes to their jackets. Those jackets were commissioned for use in both World Wars, and now a different war with Covid-19 by supplying garments and masks for the Department of Health & Social Care.

What you’re buying with Private White is a hell of a lot of heritage and something which can be worn for years tp come. Here are a few of the jackets in their Autumn Winter 2020 collection.

The Twin Track

$‌1,550.00 AUD

The Twin Track biker jacket uses a 6 oz waxed cotton developed with Halley Stevensons in Dundee, fully lined in 100% wool flannel from Huddersfield, Marling & Evans, military-grade gunmetal hardware from RIRI of Switzerland, and hell of a lot of adjustability.

Learn more about The Twin Track

The Suede Mechanic jacket

$‌2,850.00 AUD

Featuring super-soft 100% goat suede, the unlined Suede Mechanic jacket has an internal smart phone friendly patch pocket and military grade copper hardware from RIRI of Switzerland

Learn more about The Suede Mechanic jacket

The Ventile Mac 3.0

$‌1,150.00 AUD

The Ventile Mac 3.0 is Private White’s most popular design. This unlined single-breasted cotton raincoat is made from Ventile® 100% cotton, and is 100% waterproof and 100% breathable. Hardware is the military grade copper items from RIRI of Switzerland. 

Learn more about The Ventile Mac 3.0

The Ventile Harrington 3.0

$‌945.00 AUD

Private White’s interpretation of the Harrington jacket, The Ventile Harrington 3.0, is crafted with Ventile® 100% cotton, is 100% weatherproof, and features military grade copper hardware from RIRI of Switzerland.

Learn more about The Ventile Harrington 3.0

The Luxury Flight Jacket

$‌1,700.00 AUD

The Luxury Flight Jacket features 100% wool wadding, a water resistant 100% merino wool outer fabric with a doeskin weave, suede trim and a real shearling collar, and finished with military grade copper hardware from RIRI of Switzerland.

Learn more about The Luxury Flight Jacket

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