Portable coffee makers for road trips

Ever gone on a driving road trip? Of course you have! 

There have been times when I’ve stayed in a remote towns which struggle to cook toast let alone a meal. Coffee? Instant. As in freeze dried. You’re lucky if someone can serve you an espresso based coffee and if they do, the milk is  usually burnt with stale coffee beans ground through a dull bladed blender. Do I sound bitter? Is that the best pun ever?

Well fear not coffee snobs, if you’re like me you’ll need a back up. There are plenty of portable espresso makers on the market today and I’ve focused on the three which would fit snuggly into a bag or cavity in the car (or even a motorcycle carry bag) and have garnered positive reviews from customers.

Just don’t forget to take your favourite ground coffee!

Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Find out more about the Nanopresso

The Nanopresso is capable of producing 18 bar/261 PSI if your hands are up to it. 

Using ground coffee and hot water the Nanopresso requires 15% less effort than the Minipresso. It’s also smaller, lighter and cheaper than its older brother making it a no brainer when comparing the two.

Handpresso Pump

Find out more about the Handpresso Pump

Much like a bicycle pump the Handpresso can build up to 16 bar of pressure with only hot water and ground coffee needed. It doesn’t require  battery or electricity although you’ll still need to find a way to boil your water if you’re not traveling with a stove and pot.

Handpresso 12V Auto

Find out more about the Handpresso Auto

Plugging in to a 12v socket the Handpresso Auto produces 16 bar with prep time of about 2 mins. The advantage of the Auto is that it doesn’t need hot water to be made prior so it can be great for when you’re really stuck out in no mans land.

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