Porsche’s newest rear drive Taycan is now the cheapest Taycan

This is the newest in Porsche’s Taycan model line-up, simply called the Taycan and there’s no word yet on it coming to Australia. The distinguishing features are rear-wheel drive and two choices of battery yet interestingly, Porsche aren’t talking about driving dynamics. Instead, the press release is all features, especially those new features carried over from the other variants such as the Plug & Charge function which does away with payments by recognising when the car is charging, at a Plug & Charge-compatible charging station of course.

There’s also a colour head-up display and an on-board charger with a charging capacity of up to 22 kW, and Functions on Demand (FoD) whereby customers can purchase functions whenever they feel like it.

Customers can spec two choices of batteries starting with the standard 79.2 kWh single-deck Performance Battery with a 431 km range, or the 93.4 kWh two-deck Performance Battery Plus with a 484 km range. 

How fast will it go Mister? Well it’s not going to trouble a Tesla put it that way. Both batteries produce the same performance figures of 0-100 kph in 5.4 seconds, which is still plenty fast enough.

This entry level Taycan gets unique 19-inch Taycan Aero wheels and black anodised brake callipers while the front apron, side sills and rear diffuser are in black, the same as on the Taycan 4S.

Inside it’s partial “leather” interior (the leather is made from recycled materials) as standard and eight-way electrically adjustable front comfort seats.

The Taycan comes with steel-spring suspension as standard but can be specced with adaptive air suspension with three-chamber technology supplemented by the PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) electronic damper control system. The air suspension uses a “Smartlift” function that can be programmed to raise its ride height when confronted with road humps or garage driveways.

So a Taycan at a lower price point and Porsche will be hoping it will attract new buyers who may be considering “that other brand”. Despite a Guinness World Record for the longest drift in an electric vehicle, what we really want to know is if the rear-wheel drive focus makes it a more dynamic car.

Curb weight for the next model up, the Taycan 4S, is 4,771 lbs (4,947 lbs with the performance plus battery) and that’s more than the 4,566 lbs (4,742 lbs with the performance plus battery) for this new Taycan, roughly a 205 lbs saving. Whether or not that weight saving changes the dynamics or not requires a test drive but on such a heavy vehicle to begin with, the effects will most likely be marginal.

Price: $79,900.00 USD / £70,690.00 GBP

Visit Porsche for more.

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