Porsche’s Little Rebels are concept cars James Dean would’ve endorsed

More Porsche concept cars are being released for “Porsche Unseen”, last time it was Porsche hypercars, this time it’s all about the Little Rebels, the smallest and lightest concept studies.

Porsche Vision Spyder

James Dean’s “Little Bastard” 550 Spyder is one of the most famous Porsche’s of all time and often mimicked and copied by fans around the world with plays on the car and name.

Porsche have their own take on it with the Vision Spyder, a 1:1 hard scale model as previewed in the first batch released of the Unseen series,

Porsche Vision 916

If you were a design intern at Porsche, wouldn’t you love to create your own concept? That’s what happened with the Vision 916, harking back to the 916 prototype of the 1970s. The Vision concept is electric with four wheel hub motors, similar to the first Lohner-Porsche racing car with four-wheel drive from 1900 of Ferdinand Porsche. 

Porsche 904 Living Legend

Using a carbon chassis carbon from the VW XL, this 904 Living Legend tips the scales at 900kg and was used as a study for lightweight sports cars, drawing inspiration from the Porsche 904 from 1963.

Had enough of Porsche concept cars? What about this BMW concept by Chacko Abraham.

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